Some of the Fireplace Design and Installs We've Done

We’ll be with you from beginning to end, handling all the details until you say...

"It's Perfect!"

When you think about changing your fireplace or adding a fireplace into your home, do all the details and steps overwhelm you?  Call a “stone guy” for the surround.  Call the “fireplace guy” for the fireplace.  Call the “plumber guy” for the gas line.  Call the “mantle guy” for the mantle.... wait, is there even  a “mantle guy”?  Where do you even find a mantle?!  Ugh!  And your mind shuts down and you cross off “get a fireplace” from your to do list.  


What if you could make one phone call and all the “guys” would be taken care of?  At Fireplace Gallery, we do it all!  Yes..... ALL of it!  We'll help you design the fireplace of your dreams.... tile, stone, mantle, waterfall, anything you have in mind.  Then, we'll get your design built and installed!  You deal with one person (who is backed by a team of people working and getting your fireplace project completed.)  It’s so easy for you, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get this done years ago!