fireplaces service repair sioux falls

Fireplace Service & Maintenance

Did you know gas fireplaces should be serviced every year?

Relax in front of your Fireplace by knowing it is working properly and safely. With our comprehensive, professional fireplace repair service from Fireplace Gallery in Sioux Falls, SD, you'll receive:

•Inspection of gasket seal & glass assembly
•Cleaning the inside of the glass
•Cleaning the unit to ensure it is free from dust, cobwebs, debris and pet hair
•Verification that burner is secured and properly aligned with pilot or igniter
•Cleaning the burner top and inspect for plugged ports, corrosion or deterioration
•Checking for smooth lighting and ignition carry over to all parts
•Ensuring pilot flame pattern and strength is proper
•Inspect orifice, thermocouple and thermopile to ensure proper working conditions


If you start to smell natural gas, which smells like sulfur or “rotten eggs”, IMMEDIATELY deactivate your fireplace valve and vent your home!  This means that your Underlying Piping has an issue and this is dangerous!  After you deactivate your fireplace valve and vent your home, call the fireplace professionals at Fireplace Gallery in Sioux Falls to come and fix your gas fireplace!

Let Us Maintain Your Gas Fireplace Products Before They Break

fireplace service repair sioux falls

All in all, we'll make sure your fireplace is safe and working it's best. We want you to love everything about your fireplace and to keep your fireplace from breaking down!  If you didn’t purchase your gas fireplace products from Fireplace Gallery, that’s OK!  We will still help you keep it safe and working properly. 

Call or email us to set up an appointment for us to service your fireplace today.

Free estimates on all Fireplace Service and maintenance in Sioux Falls, SD and within a 100-mile radius.